Notary Public Services


At Your Door Mobile Notary - Providing General Mobile Notary Public services in San Diego since 2000!

Base Travel Fee: $30.00

Travel fees are based upon the location and time of the notarization being performed. Some areas of the county, unusual destinations and/or special requests will incur additional charges.  Please advise in advance if there is a charge for parking as this is not included in travel fees and will be added to the amount due. Please call for a quote.  

**Note that notary public travel fees are in addition to charges for notarized signatures.** 


Fees for notarization

  • Acknowledgment: $15 for each notarized signature, plus travel fee
  • Jurat (oath or affirmation): $15 for each notarized signature, plus travel fee
  • Certified Copy of Power of Attorney: $15 for each notarized signature, plus travel fee
  • Any document requiring a notarized signature:  $15 for each notarized signature, plus travel fee
  • Copy of Journal Entry: $0.30 per photo copy of entry

    Discounts may apply based on number of documents

    Notary Fees are set by the State of California  

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Cash & Most Credit Cards Accepted

Accepted Forms of Payment


 A notary must not act as an attorney if not licensed to practice law. I am not licensed to practice law and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. This includes giving ANY advice regarding the transaction, preparing forms, explaining forms and their meanings, or advising the signer of what type of notary act is required (oath or acknowledgment).